Public Safety
and Other Departments

Police and Fire Departments, City Clerk,
Water and Streets Department

Chief of Police

Water Clerk

Jimmy Macon


Harpersville enjoys one of the highest protection ratios for this size town. Your department maintains a force of two or more officers on duty at all times. All individual Officers have a vehicle assigned to them at all times. This practice extends the life of the vehicle and increases visibility within the city.

Virtie Bell

205-672-9961 ext 200

The Water Clerk, performs daily accounting procedures, completes monthly reports, and maintains vital records for the Water Department.

Fire Chief

Streets & Maintenance Supervisor

D. Wade White


Your Fire Department enjoys a Class 4 rating. Since homeowners and business insurance rates are based upon a city’s rating, lower ratings mean savings to all property owners. Comprised of professional and volunteer firemen, our department has cooperative working relationship with the surrounding departments. Together the departments provide high quality fire fighting, paramedic and fire prevention to our area.

Eddie Swain


The Streets and Maintenance Supervisor is responsible for assisting the Director in the daily operations of the Public Works Department.

Town Clerk

Library Director

Stacy Walkup

205-672-9961 ext 201

The Office of the Town Clerk assists and supports the Office of the Mayor and Town Council.  The clerk is the custodian of records and manages the financial account for the town.  Stacy Walkup was appointed City Clerk in 2014.

Marsha Moore



Director of the daily library operations and Community Welcome Center.


The Water Board meets the second Monday of each month at 5:30 P.M. at Town Hall. The Water Board has oversight of The Harpersville Water System including hiring, construction, expansion, rates and its maintenance. Its Members are:


Cline Rhodes - Chairman

Kenneth Mathis, Frank Atkins

Terry Threatt

William Rayfield

Don Greene – Superintendent



The Planning Commission meets the second Monday of each month at 6:30 at Town Hall. The Commission has the responsibility of developing and updating the comprehensive plan and zoning ordinance and oversight of its application. Its members are:


Al Chatham Jr. - Chairman

William Rayfield – Mayor Pro-Tem

Martin Dates, City Council Representative

Angela Tait

Angela W. Hicks

Della Pender

Paul Brooks

Stacy Walkup, Clerk



The Hospitality Committee will be made up of 8 to 10 people that helps welcome new residents to the Town and provides information about the community.


Ginger Carpenter, Chairman

Sherry McGinnis

Frances Perkins



P.O. Box 370, Harpersville, AL 35078 • 205-672-9961