Mayor, Elected Officials, Boards and Committee’s, Meeting Minutes, Ordinances

Your Town is progressive and has done well in the fiscal management of its funds.

Your Mayor and Council are proud of the accomplishments of the city and want you to be equally proud of Harpersville.


Harpersville Town Council


Don Greene

District 1

Place 1

Beverly O. Johnson

District 1

Place 2

Martin Dates

District 2

Place 1

Sheila K. Rich

District 2

Place 2

William Rayfield

District 2

Place 3

Janet Gill


    Within the local government, your City Council has the sole responsibility of setting policy, passing ordinances, setting rates, and passing resolutions. The day-to-day operations of the city are handled by the Mayor, City Clerk and department heads. Unusual, Emergency or Important occurrences are reported to the Council.


    The Harpersville Town Council meets the first and third Mondays of each month at 5:30 P.M. at Town Hall. These meetings are always open and you are encouraged to attend. Town elections are held the fourth Tuesdays in August every four years. The next election is scheduled for August 2016.


    Government is often a favorite topic of conversation, and, because of this, the facts of a situation may be altered somewhat as a story passes from person to person. Your Mayor and Council urge you to contact them whenever you have a question about your government. A well-informed public is vital to the democratic

  • About the Board and Committee’s...

    The principal job of most council committees and boards lies in the investigation and evaluation of that segment of the municipal operation assigned to it. They present facts and evaluations thus relieving the council, in regular session of long, tedious, unproductive meetings. The members of various boards do not receive salaries or fees of any kind for services they perform. The Water Board is the only exception and its members receive $25 per month. The members of the Boards and Commissions are to be commended for their service to their town.


    The Water Board meets the second Monday of each month at 5:30 P.M. at Town Hall. The Water Board has oversight of The Harpersville Water System including hiring, construction, expansion, rates and its maintenance. Its Members are:

    • Cline Rhodes - Chairman
    • Kenneth Mathis, Frank Atkins
    • Terry Threatt
    • William Rayfield
    • Don Greene - Superintendent


    DOWNLOAD Rules and Regulations


    The Planning Commission meets the second Monday of each month at 6:30 at Town Hall. The Commission has the responsibility of developing and updating the comprehensive plan and zoning ordinance and oversight of its application. Its members are:

    • David Sanders - Chairman
    • Paul Brooks
    • William Rayfield - Council Representative
    • Mayor Theoangelo Perkins
    • Martin Dates
    • Angela W. Hicks
    • Della Pender
    • AL Chatham II

    The Harpersville Parks and Recreation board is responsible for promoting public interest and participation in sports and recreational activities. It is also responsible for supervision and operation of sports and recreation facilities as well as the development of programs. Its members are:

    • Randy Wood – Council Member
    • Harold Garrett
    • Sonny Gibson
    • Eddie Murphy
    • Connie Culliver
    • Stoney Johnson
    • Jonathan Gill
    • Shawn Martin
    • Brandon Middleton
    • James Mckinney



    The streets committee assists the council in reviewing streets (roads) of the town and makes recommendations to the council on issues relating to requests or construction problems and priorities of the street department. Its members are:

    • Tony Valenti
    • Shirley Middleton - Council Representative
    • Melissa Lewis
    • Maxie Brown
    • Leta Hunt
    • Randy Spates

    The Harpersville Historical Commission’s responsibility is preserving and promoting the history and heritage of Harpersville and its Citizens. The members of the Harpersville Historical Commission are:

    • Glenn Nivens - Chairman
    • Dr. Tom Caldwell (deceased and honored by his contribution on the committee)
    • Louise Nummy
    • Pasty McCranie
    • Hazel Kelley Barbara Stone
    • Bill Wyatt
    • Mayor Perkins

    The Harpersville Cemetery Committee has general oversight and coordinates the administration of Harpersville Municipal Cemetery. It recommends rules and regulations to maintain cemeteries including perpetual care, improvements and expansions. The members of the Harpersville Cemetery Committee are:


    • Martin Dates, Council Member
    • Jerusha Hamm
    • Linda Thompson
    • Jerry Sims
    • Nola Oden
    • Barry Foster
    • Thomas Kelley
    • Emory Robertson & Joyce Robertson (Chair)
    • Mayor Don Greene


    Download the Harpersville Cemetery Rules and Regulations Final 2017


    The Beautification Board is responsible for the beautification of the Town of Harpersville through the education of its citizens, utilizing contests, information, award programs etc. The Board advises and makes recommendations to the city council and planning board on conditions affecting the aesthetic beauty and overall appearance of the town. It also develops long-range goals, plans, and programs for city improvement and beautification. The members of the Harpersville Beautification Board are:

    • Janet Gill
    • Gwen Valenti, Chair
    • Holly Gates
    • Donna Smith
    • Cindy Roberson
    • Patricia Spates

    The purpose of the Health & Public Safety Committee is to facilitate communications and promote the interests of improving the overall delivery of public safety services in the community. Some of the duties include review and recommendation of programs; evaluating rules and regulations relating to public safety. The members of the Health & Public Safety Committee are:

    • William Rayfield
    • Charles Maske
    • James McKinney
    • Robert Barksdale
    • Gayle Wood
    • David Smiley
    • Royce Adair

    The Budget & Finance Committee provides input on budgetary, assessment and taxation issues. It participates on a overview basis in the development of long-term capital spending plans, long term operational spending plans, town investments and the annual budget. The members of the Budget and Finance Committee are:

    • Mayor Don Greene
    • Janet Gill, Shirley Middleton
    • Paul Brooks, Terrell Vick
    • Doris Davis
    • William Carter
    • Stacy Walkup - Town Clerk


    Meeting Minutes

    Attached is the pdf for previous month’s minutes



    Attached is the pdf for the most current Ordinance


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